$7 “Keepod” Brings Personal Computing to Millions in Developing World

The $7 device is contains Google’s Android 4.4 operating system. It plugs into the USB port of an old laptop or desktop, turns it into a personal computer.
keepod 1

This brilliant and inexpensive thumbdrive was created by collaborating inventors Nissan Bahar of Israel and Francesco (Franky) Imbesi of Italy, when they discovered that five billion people, or 70% of the world’s population, have no access to personal computing. 

The Keepod will allow many users to share one computer, while establishing a personal computer for each user, with password-protected settings, programs an files.

The inventors believe that old computers simply clog the landfill, so why not share them and use them as the connection for many people’s Keepods? As they say:

“Instead of manufacturing cheap computers — which will never be cheap enough — we reuse old computers. In the US alone, 85,000 computers are thrown out every single day. We can give a big percentage of them a new life with Keepod in Nairobi or anywhere else, and that one computer can serve 25 to 30 people every week. Why continue to manufacture cheap hardware when you have all this material available? It’s an ecosystem of ideas and things together.”

keepod 3

Find out more at: http://keepod.org/

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