Anita Casalina

Author, Blogger, Radio & Television Host


Since her early childhood, Anita Casalina has been drawn to telling stories about peace and prosperity around the world. While growing up, she couldn’t bear the idea of people in the world being cold and hungry. As she tells it,

“I cried over photos of children starving in Africa or India. When I was in the 5th grade, I read in Life Magazine about how the Navajo people were suffering from a long drought. I took all of the money I had saved to buy Christmas presents and sent it to the Navajo Reservation.”

As a teenager in Oakland, California, Anita helped to raise money for a children’s breakfast program serving the city’s disadvantaged communities. Later, she started her media career creating educational films, working with such respected non-profit organizations as Physicians for Social Responsibility and Friends of the Earth.

In the summer of 2012, while working on a manuscript for a book on Sub-Saharan Africa, Anita began to note a shift in the worlds of business and philanthropy. The paradigms were changing. Rather than simply giving aid to the poor, scores of people were employing a new approach, and showing people how to use their own skills and resources to rise out of poverty.

Inspired, Anita began to seek out other organizations and programs that operated on that simple principle: that building self-reliance is more effective over the long term than giving aid can ever be. She found that while many of these programs were enormously successful, much of their work sadly did not receive attention from the media. If people were going to get involved to help solve the problems of poverty around the world, they needed information.

This led Anita to launch her own BlogTalk radio show in January of 2013. There she interviewed some of the most influential and successful people in the philanthropy world, as well as researchers, technology innovators and educators. Many of these interviews were eventually compiled into the book Billions Rising: Empowering Self-Reliance, which became a bestseller in multiple categories on Amazon.

In early 2014, Anita and her team at Billions Rising decided to harness the wider reach of television for their mission. They are currently in pre-production for a one-hour news/talk show set to debut in Fall of this year. World Changers will have all of the production values, pacing and viewer engagement of the best mainstream programs, with a unique twist: all of our features and guests will revolve around positive stories of tackling poverty. The show will include celebrity presenters, guests from all over the world, and calls to action for viewers to get involved and help support our carefully vetted causes.

As the founder of the Billions Rising Foundation, Anita is dedicated to its core principles:

  • Poverty will be defeated through education, innovation and collaboration
  • There are sustainable, solution-driven enterprises all over the world that deserve our attention and support
  • In order to engage, the public deserves and needs to hear these stories

Anita’s goal and mission is to learn as much as possible about the individuals, organizations and projects that promote self-reliance as a means to alleviate poverty, and to share that information as widely as possible.

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