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The Generosity of a War Veteran

Jack Wilson cu

As the Founder of the Billions Rising Foundation, I want to take a moment here to honor my dear friend Jack Wilson who passed away back in 2011. Jack and I met back in the 1980s when we were both producing social-change documentaries to increase public awareness of issues and inequalities. We lost touch, but years later I discovered that his compassion for humanity had continued and that he had … [Read more...]

Small Grants to Women in Africa Produces Entrepreneurs

BOMA - Daate Inyakh

As the sole provider for her family, Daate Inyakh once struggled to feed her six daughters. After receiving a Jump Grant from The BOMA Project in September 2014, her children have never slept hungry again. Daate now runs a small duka in Logologo, Kenya with her business partners and attends adult education classes in her free time to learn how to read and write. Her dream is for all six of her … [Read more...]

From Homeless to “Indoors”

Homeless - Kartma coffee company

In San Jose, California there is a bright spot of hope for homeless people: a sidewalk coffee cart company. The baristas of Kartma are people who live in Silicon Valley, but even as prosperity in the valley boomed, they each lost blue collar and even high-tech jobs, and have been unable to find other work. All of them see their employment with Kartma as transitioning them back to having homes … [Read more...]

Holiday Giving That Makes a Difference


At Billions Rising Foundation, we look for ways to combine gift-giving with funding sustainable, positive change for those in need. We posted our top ideas for this year in our latest blog on The Huffington Post:       … [Read more...]

“Community” Our Newest BillionsRisingTV Episode

Screen Capture Kokomon at desk

On this episode we talk about Community – local and global. With Kokomon Clotty, from the Attitudinal Healing Connection, Inc. we examine how to bring harmony to communities living in poverty. How can we foster a sense of togetherness if we live in a place where we and everyone around us is struggling – poor, feeling left out of the mainstream society? We also look at how, over the past few … [Read more...]

Feeding Hungry Kids in America

Feeding Hungry Kids in America Collage

Our latest blog on The Huffington Post: As we head into the Holiday Season, there are great ways to support children in need so that they may enjoy the seasonal feasts. Visit: Huffington Post, Impact to see how you can help! … [Read more...]

The Generosity of Youth

Empowerment Plan 1

Once again we at Billions Rising Foundation are moved by how thoughtful and kind young people can be. We have been following The Empowerment Plan for a couple of years now. They are the group that employs homeless women to sew warm coats that turn into sleeping bags for Detroit's homeless population. Now, young Caleb White has come along and added his great compassion.   For the past 6 … [Read more...]

Ending Food Waste Can Feed the Hungry

Daily-Bread Collage

  As we approach the holiday season, one of the greatest puzzles in the developed world is how there can still be hungry people when we have such an abundance. On our BillionsRisingTV episode about Sustainable Agriculture, Farm Bureau Director Sam Dolcini spelled it out clearly: there is too much food waste in our wealthy countries. The good news is that there is a growing movement … [Read more...]

Surviving Ebola – One Woman’s Brilliant and Simple Invention

Ebola young woman survives

The news about the Ebola Virus has been grim. Very few people survive. Yet 22 year old Fatu Kekula cared for four relatives and didn't become infected herself. Fatu is a nursing student and understood the importance of protecting herself from the virus. Every day, several times a day for about two weeks, Fatu put trash bags over her socks and tied them in a knot over her calves. Then she … [Read more...]

When It Comes From Your Life – Our Huff Post Blog

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Our deepest understanding of how to help others often comes from our own life experiences. Here are three inspirational stories:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anita-casalina/when-it-comes-from-your-l_b_5794606.html   … [Read more...]