Though it's something that most of us rarely think about, water is easily the most vital resource that we have on this planet. Sadly, people are so accustomed to having easy, cheap access to clean running water that they end up taking it for granted.

In reality, water is a resource in dire need of protection. America's water processing infrastructure is badly aging, and in need of a wholesale upgrade. To call attention to this problem, five years ago the people at The Value of Water created Imagine a Day Without Water, which was celebrated this year on October 23rd. The org uses the annual event to raise awareness, and to urge people to consider how even a single day without water would affec...

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According to Charity: Water, around 40% of Kenya’s population drinks and bathes with unclean water, from sources like rivers, ponds, and shallow boreholes. It's a big problem, and unfortunately one of the easiest ways to treat contaminated water–boiling it over a wood fire–is itself an environmental hazard.

One Swiss company is working on solutions. Vestergaard Frandsen is the CEO of Vestergaard/LifeStraw, known for its filters, used by hikers use to decontaminate nearly any source of water. Their most recent project, Follow The Liters, promises to provide enough clean water tanks to supply water to one million Kenyan students. Read the whole story here.