Sorrow Into Joy: Hellen Tanyinga's Rape Hurts Foundation


When Hellen Tanyinga was growing up in Uganda, she was raped at just 11 years of age. While it would have been understandable for such a young girl to be crushed by a traumatic event of this sort, Hellen was strong. And with the support of her mother, she carried on, refusing to become a victim.

After graduating from university, Hellen decided to put her negative experience to work in a positive way. Returning to her home in Bukyerimba, in 2008 she established the Rape Hurts Foundation. Founded to educate her fellow Ugandans about sexual violence and campaign against rape, the org also supports and employs women seeking sanctuary, and cares for children conceived through violence.

With creativity and fortitude, Hellen Tanyinga has channeled her harrowing experience into a source of joy and community. "With God's help, I have been able to create a sanctuary for the women and girls," she says, "as well as....children conceived through violence and banished from their families and community."


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