Nolan Bushnell Unlocks Genius with BrainRush


Can games help us unlock our inner genius? If so, that could lead to increased self-reliance in a variety of ways. Our guest is Nolan Bushnell, founder of BrainRush. Video game pioneer Nolan Bushnell is best known as the creator of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. As the founder and CEO of BrainRush adaptive learning games, he is fueling their mission to unlock the genius in each of us through … [Read more...]

Leading the Fight for Empowerment: Zainab Salbi on Self-Reliant Radio


Everyone fights their own unique battles in life, winning or losing to some degree. But some fight bigger fights than others -- like the ravages of war, violence and poverty -- and still manage to thrive and fend for themselves. Our guest is Zainab Salbi, humanitarian, women's rights activist, founder and former CEO of Women for Women International and author of If You Knew Me You Would Care. … [Read more...]

Shel Horowitz: Make a Difference and a Profit


Is it possible to make a difference and still make a profit? Yes, according to our guest, green business profitability expert and best-selling author Shel Horowitz. Shel Horowitz has been involved in environmental and social change movements his whole life. He is the publisher of Green and Profitable and the author of numerous books. His eighty book, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning … [Read more...]

Finding Tangible Hope with Lily Yoseph

Dalai Lama honors Lily Yoseph

What kind of hope do you offer others? Our guest is Lily Yoseph, founder of Tangible Hope. After living on three continents and exploring a number of careers, Telile “Lily” Yoseph found that her life’s purpose and passion lay in her own backyard— the small community in Kofele, Ethiopia where she was born in 1963. “Kofele was a peaceful and prosperous place back then,” Lily recalls. Her … [Read more...]

Growing Women in STEM with Cassidy Williams

cassidywilliams - profile

Why aren't there more women and girls working in industries that allow them to change the world? Our guest is Cassidy Williams, and she is doing her part to change the equation. Cassidy Williams, AdvisHer Cassidy Williams is a computer programmer and computer science senior at Iowa State University, scheduled to graduate in May 2014. She has worked at a variety of companies including … [Read more...]

Adepeju Jaiyeoba Helps Mothers and Children Survive


How can we safely increase the survival rate of newborn babies and their moms? Our guest created a way to do that in Africa. Adepeju Jaiyeoba is the creator of Mother's Delivery Kits. The ultra sterilized delivery kit improves mother and child survival by almost 100% at childbirth. In the 2013 Save the Children ‘State of the World’s Mothers Report’ on the best and worst places to be a mother, … [Read more...]

Jon Hanson Offers Stewardship for Life


How can you give a hand up to someone who struggles financially yet has enormous potential? Our guest decided to start a charity to do just that. Jon Hanson is Executive Director of Stewardship for Life, which aims to make a difference by helping one family at a time. Their mission is to distribute financial literacy education for low to moderate income and middle class citizens. This is … [Read more...]

Choose Self-Reliance: Robin Marvel Motivates


Can you choose to be self-reliant? Robin Marvel says yes, and your choices determine your level of success and achievement. Robin Marvel is an author and speaker in the field of self development. Despite a childhood filled with abuse, homelessness and teen pregnancy Robin has overcome many challenges to make her life one of purpose, and she has devoted her life to show others how to do the … [Read more...]

Tim Wright and Sauti Moja Help African Pastoral People

Tim Wright, Sauti Moja

Farming is one of the best ways for poor people to become self-sufficient, and our guest, Tim Wright, strives to help them make it happen. Tim Wright is the Executive Director of Sauti Moja, an organization that originated from a desire to help vulnerable women and communities, and local friends seeking support for their ideas to help their communities. Sauti Moja is focused on improving the … [Read more...]

Schooled for Success with Houston Gunn


Houston Gunn is the 16-year-old author of Schooled For Success: How I Plan to Graduate from High School A Millionaire. He wrote the book to inspire other young people to learn about entrepreneurship, but also make more parents and educators aware of a career path that’s often overlooked. Houston is young, but he comes from a family of entrepreneurs and decided at a young age that he wanted to … [Read more...]