Farmer spends 16 years studying law so he could sue a powerful chemical firm


Wang Enlin a farmer in China studied law on his own and won the first round of a court case against a chemical company that he says was polluting his farm. Inspiring story! A Chinese farmer has spent 16 years studying law by himself so he could sue a chemical company for allegedly polluting his land. Wang Enlin, who had just three years of education, has won the … [Read more...]

The Generosity of a War Veteran

Jack Wilson cu

As the Founder of the Billions Rising Foundation, I want to take a moment here to honor my dear friend Jack Wilson who passed away back in 2011. Jack and I met back in the 1980s when we were both producing social-change documentaries to increase public awareness of issues and inequalities. We lost touch, but years later I discovered that his compassion for humanity had continued and that he had … [Read more...]

More Ways To Help in Nepal


Sadly, another earthquake struck Nepal this week, just as the survivors were starting to dig themselves out of the wreckage and get relief. We really can't say enough about the needs of this region right now. In her new Huffington Post, our founder Anita Casalina shows us a few well-vetted organizations that are making a difference in Nepal, and tells us how we can get involved. We've … [Read more...]

Relief Efforts, Ways to Help in Nepal

Image: Nepal quake kills more than 1,800 and avalanches on Everest

As the tragedy unfolds in earthquake-ravaged Nepal, we thought it it would be a good time to reflect on some of the positive work that is being done to help the Nepalese. We'll also give you a quick look at a few ways you can get involved, fully vetted by our partner organization Universal Giving. One such group is The Global Fund for Women. They are on the ground right now in Nepal, helping to … [Read more...]

Our Latest Huffington Post Article: “Those Who Make It Possible”

Those who make it happen - smokejumpers

Every day there are people who risk their lives to keep the rest of us safe and comfortable. We wanted to focus on some of the most courageous and dedicated people we have found and give them our heartfelt appreciation.       … [Read more...]

Coats for the Homeless – Made by… Homeless Women

the empowerment plan

Back in May 2013 we reported about how Veronika Scott, a young design student, had come up with the brilliant idea of making coats that could turn into sleeping bags for homeless people of Detroit. Now Veronika has taken her concept a step further, by employing homeless women to manufacture the coats themselves. The women are empowered and given a … [Read more...]

Resilient People Build New Towns in Abandoned Areas

Abandoned communities - highrise Caracas

Photographer Iwan Baan has captured a remarkable expression of the resilient human spirit. He has traveled the world photographing people who live in extreme poverty who are rebuilding homes and even towns in places that have been abandoned or forgotten by governments. In his recent TED talk he showcases how disadvantaged families join together to build flourishing communities. Most often … [Read more...]

Rebuilding Lives… One Sister at a Time

Women for Women the other side of war

When we see women and their families fleeing war-torn nations, or living in refugee camps, we often feel the profound pull in our hearts and wonder, how can we help? Most often we find ourselves feeling hopeless, thinking there is nothing we can do. Women for Women International offers a chance to truly do something. Their Sister to Sister program is dedicated to helping women survivors of … [Read more...]

Giving a Hand-Up to AIDS Orphans in Uganda

SOET Uganda - classroom

What do you do when you see suffering all around you in your own community? If you are an independent thinker like Lordvic Gereire in Uganda, you take action. In 2008 he founded the St. Mary’s Orphan Education Trust (SOET)  as an independent, grassroots response to provide for the many children who lived around him, orphaned by the HIV/AIDS Crisis. His mission: to create a better future for … [Read more...]

Finding Tangible Hope with Lily Yoseph

Dalai Lama honors Lily Yoseph

What kind of hope do you offer others? Our guest is Lily Yoseph, founder of Tangible Hope. After living on three continents and exploring a number of careers, Telile “Lily” Yoseph found that her life’s purpose and passion lay in her own backyard— the small community in Kofele, Ethiopia where she was born in 1963. “Kofele was a peaceful and prosperous place back then,” Lily recalls. Her … [Read more...]