Erik Lehmann: Dream Catalyst on Self-Reliance Radio

ErikLehmann3-BTRHow can you make dreams come true for young people — especially those that are homeless? Dream Catalyst offers opportunities to do just that.

Our guest is Erik Lehmann, Founder of Dream Catalyst.

Spending almost two months in a homeless shelter as a teenager changed Erik Lehmann in ways he never could have imagined. Now it’s his life mission to help youth affected by homelessness. He founded Dream Catalyst, a non-profit organization, to impact homeless kids’ lives by helping them awaken to their personal dreams, purpose, and contribution to the world.

ErikLehmann1-BTRThe seed was planted over 20 years ago when he helped celebrate the 12th birthday of Mikey, another kid in the shelter. Mikey otherwise wouldn’t have had any recognition on his special day, and the big difference Erik was able to make with a small gesture deeply affected him.

Now Dream Catalyst presents opportunities to youth like the Uncover Your Dreams, Discover Your Voice workshop, a soul-nourishing event that allows kids to experience a sense of fulfillment and purpose through inspired presentations, group discussions, meditation practices, writing activities, creative expression and uplifting songs. In a supportive environment, they’re able to awaken to who they truly are and who they are here to be.

Dream Catalyst gets to launch dreams, celebrate birthdays and deliver workshops for youth who face challenges including homelessness.  Through intentional celebration and long-term mentoring partnerships, they build lifelong relationships with the youth they get to serve. They believe in modeling a world in which they want to live and share with generations to come, and they live that mission out loud every day.






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