The Generosity of Youth

Once again we at Billions Rising Foundation are moved by how thoughtful and kind young people can be. We have been following The Empowerment Plan for a couple of years now. They are the group that employs homeless women to sew warm coats that turn into sleeping bags for Detroit’s homeless population.

Empowerment Plan 1

Now, young Caleb White has come along and added his great compassion.  

For the past 6 years I’ve handed out boxes filled with food, hats, gloves, and personal care items to the homeless in Detroit before Christmas.  Last year I gave out 150 boxes and 100 winter coats. This summer I hosted a back-to-school party where more than 800 children received backpacks filled with supplies, free haircuts, and food.

This year I am challenging youth across America to give up one birthday or Christmas present and donate the  money to help the homeless.  We are the future leaders of this country – let’s start making history now!  

“We should always give more than we receive and not expect anything in return.” -Caleb White, 12

Visit Caleb White’s gofundme Page to donate!

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  1. Mahender Paul Azad says:

    I have watched Anita making big strides in human and social service through the formidable Billions Rising Foundation and her book by the same name. This Foundation has now become a hub of multifarious social welfare activities. I wish that it’s outreach is extended to all countries. The tremendous tasks of poverty alleviation needs huge funding and dedicated cooperation of all good groups, corporate bodies and individuals who care for sustainable growth on the green Earth. I wish and pray that this happens at fast pace globally. I salute Anita and her team for taking up this noble cause with such enthusiasm.

    • Anita Casalina says:

      Thank you so much Mahender for your kind words. We at Billions Rising take no credit for the compassionate and successful efforts being made around the globe. We are merely the hopeful messengers. But we accept your praise with gratitude.