How to Get More Community Involvement for your Cause

One thing we see over an over as we explore self-reliance projects. Stakeholders want to know how to get more community involvement.

There are corporations that sponsor non-profits and have interests in projects… often focused on conflicting goals.

MJ CarterWe wondered about how to get everyone focused on the same goals, and how to get more community involvement. So we reached out to an expert on Cause Marketing.. Mark J Carter of

Carter spent the last 10 years creating, teaching and training business networking and referral systems both online and offline. Realizing that non-profit and philanthropic ventures often 1) lack the budget for marketing support and/or 2) lack awareness in their own communities,

Carter began directly integrating nonprofit missions into corporate marketing campaigns and “cause marketing” became an important focus. After getting tired of elevator pitches, death by PowerPoint and high pressure sales presentations Carter realized something important: The best relationships, clients and sales opportunities came through…storytelling. Storytelling helps people really get to know each other and gives companies and organizations a human side; something to tell your friends about.

Listen to the show in the player now.

What’s Your Community Involvement Story?

We view the BilliionsRising radio show as just the beginning of a conversation we hope to continue here.

If you have a question about community involvement that we haven’t thought of, share it with us so we can learn together.

If your group has had a success collaborating like Carter talked about, please share it here.

Anything regarding community involvement that you want to talk about.. we’re going to have an ongoing discussion, research and post here.

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