Melissa Lamming

Producer, Billions Rising

Melissa Lamming

Melissa Lamming, Producer

Melissa Lamming has been involved in acting, filmmaking and production since an early age, studying with experts in San Francisco and Los Angeles as a child. Working on both sides of the camera, she soon fell in love with the entire process.

After Melissa started her family, she switched gears and moved into television in both the traditional broadcasting and online worlds. She gained experience running an entire infomercial department while also producing both a popular online radio show and an innovative online reality show. The reality show, entitled Conscious Livelihood, was on the cutting edge of internet broadcasting. As she learned and tackled new challenges, Melissa developed a love of multi-platform storytelling.

She joined the TransmediaSF team, where together they worked on various projects and several transmedia documentaries, including Madame Mars, where they inspire young women and girls to pursue careers and opportunities in the space sciences.

Melissa has been on the Billions Rising team from the very beginning. She and our Founder Anita Casalina are now working together to create an exciting new kind of one-hour news/talk show: World Changers will explore sustainable solutions to poverty worldwide. Created with the highest production standards, World Changers will present philanthropy in a different light, incorporating celebrity presenters and inspirational guests from all over the world. It will also include calls to action that allow viewers to get involved in a variety of ways – no matter where they live or what their situation. It is expected to air nationally in Fall of this year.

You can reach Melissa by email at, or at LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.


“Building transmedia storyworlds requires a huge and extended team – much like the old Hollywood studio era.  One big difference: today, the audience has to be considered part of that team.”