Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport – Omaha Self Reliance

Reading up on self reliance and people and organizations that are finding ways to help everyone be more self reliant I found the Omaha Together One Community who exist to create community.

We teach people to become effective leaders, explore their legitimate interests, do solid research, engage in sometimes tough, but always respectful public discourse, hold elected officials accountable and create positive change through collective action.  Through the practice of these skills, people build relationships of trust and, by acting collaboratively, become part of solving their own problems rather than expecting someone else to take care of them.  This is OTOC’s “Iron Rule,”- never do for others what they can do for themselves.

It’s that last line that were struck me. The OTOC’s “Iron Rule

 “never do for others what they can do for themselves”

Self Reliance is Not Doing it All Alone

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  1. @”never do for others what they can do for themselves.”

    Great statement… when we do this carefully.

    You are right – there is a tendency nowadays to act with the best of intentions, but ultimately end up by de-skilling people – instead of helping them grow!


    • That’s a great phrase to “intending to help someone can de-skill”

      The phrase “we want to empower” is overused, but does get to what we want to do

  2. The North American ideal of the self-reliant individual has in some part created family divisions. Parents who plan to evict children who become of “legal” age is a mounting social problem creating more homeless and burdens on the social system.

    The secular, state run “democratic” way of our own societies which divides people is not addressing this big problem. Where I live we have plenty of housing for the elderly, where there are plenty of vacancies, however, the big problem has become single parent families, slumlords, and inadequate high priced, crime-ridden housing.

    • “mounting social problem” ?

      That might be a bit overstated, but I agree with the principle of your comment. “Self Reliant” need not mean “all alone”

      In my experience, there are more “helicopter parents” today than when I was young. They don’t allow their children to be self reliant. Balance is somewhere in between.

      Self reliance is something that need to come from the individual.. a feeling that “no matter what, I will take responsibility for my life”.. There can’t be one policy that applies in all situations