Project Amigo Gives Hand Up in Mexico

Education is the cornerstone to self-reliance, but kids around the world don’t have equal access to it. Project Amigo is making a difference in Mexico by helping kids stay in school.

Children are a beautiful tapestry.
We seek to help them weave a brighter future.

Project Amigo helps poor children of Colima, Mexico achieve their highest potential by providing programs that motivate them to stay in school; by improving their access to higher education and promoting literacy; and helping with dental care.

Junior High and High School Scholarships

Helping scholarship students at Project Amigo

Aristotle wrote:  “Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.”  International relief organizations cite lack of education as the principal cause of poverty.  You can help students achieve an education and develop the skills and tools that will enable them to finally break the cycle of poverty that has trapped their families for generations. Sponsoring a scholar is a rewarding experience. Just ask anyone who has helped and watched a child grow and develop all the way from primary school to university!

Education after grade school is not free in Mexico. Students must purchase their school and PE uniforms and shoes, their school supplies, pay registration fees and other school and lab fees, and pay for bus transportation from their villages to the town that has a junior high or high school. In addition to covering the costs described, their Project Amigo scholarship also includes a nutritious lunch at school.

Often, the only thing that stands between a good student’s achieving the education he or she seeks is the ability to cover the costs. Your funding of one or more scholarships assures that bright, deserving young people are not doomed to a life of poverty due to circumstances beyond their control.

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